The Peri Peri Shack

Peri-Peri (also referred to as Piri-Piri, Pili-Pili, African Bird’s Eye hili and African Red Devil) literally means ‘Pepper-Pepper’ in Swahili. The real story about how to Peri-Peri peppers first came to the Iberian Peninsula is debatable, but most would agree that Christopher Columbus brought these fiery peppers back with him on his voyage to the Americas.  Portuguese traders brought these new chilies to their colonies in Angola and Mozambique where they cross-pollinated with native flora and were given the Swahili name Peri-Peri (or Piri-Piri).

Eventually, this new breed of peppers made their way back to Portugal and have been a staple in Portuguese cooking and out secret Peri-Peri Sauce ever since!

We’ve got our hands on the most delectable Peri-Peri sauce outside of Portugal and learned a unique cooking technique that took years to perfect. The result? Well, we’ll let you be the judge!

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